EOW Wrap…Friday Five.

elephant in water






















Feeling like the big guy here after the end of a long week.  Here’s my Friday Five Recap for the week:

1) It’s all about the people. (Thurs/Fri time spent with our leadership team.  Feeling that anything is possible with this group.  Energizing.  Inspiring.  Let’s take the hill…)

2) Volunteer Day on Tuesday added humanity to work life.  (See Do Good = Feel Good)

3) Rachel Survived Week 1 in her Summer Internship in the Big Apple(Although, she got off to a bumpy start this morning.  Her train broke down.  She was late showing up to work.  I asked her later in the morning if she arrived at work and if she was OK.  Her response: “I’m OK but slightly traumatized.”  I’m still laughing.  See 19 years old, but still Daddy’s Girl… for more background details)

4) Feelin’ the Groove in Manhattan(Late June. Sunny.  Breezy.  Strolling thru midtown on way to the station.  Zigzagging around tourists.  Pass NBC Studios…The Rock…Fifth Avenue…The Waldorf-Astoria. How and when did this farm boy ever land in NYC and actually feel right at home?)

5) Rollin’ into the weekend at Peace(Lot done.  A good tired. Looking forward to the weekend.  There is something to this TGIF thing.  Here’s to blue skies, gentle breezes and a sunny Saturday and Sunday.)

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  1. This is a pretty good pic, there David! Have a good weekend!


  2. Happy trails to you, my friend, as you head into the weekend!


  3. The big guy just needs an umbrella drink and he’s good to go for the weekend!


  4. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    What an uplifting post! My Fridays always end badly (hmmm – I feel a blog post coming on – must not rant, though) so this was just what I needed – thank you! And I love the photo – especially the clear, clear water.


    • Thanks LaDona. Sorry to hear about your Fridays. My are almost always good. I’ll wait for your post. Yes, the water – it was something special in this photo. Something quite calm and supernatural about the shot.


  5. Loved the photo and your week in review looking forward to next week.


  6. Have a great weekend! Pretty cool picture right there!


  7. Alex Jones says:

    You had a productive week 🙂


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