It Gets Better…

This is a beautiful two-minute “visual poem” that seemed fitting for a Sunday morning.  Eli Guerron, the producer, offers this background:

The “visual poem” focuses on the hard times every single one of us has gone through in the process of discovering who we want to be, dry patches in the journey of finding out who it is we really are…Isolation. Desolation. Courage. Endurance.  And in the final moment, grasp of self-realization, represented in simple elements of visual design…When I listened to Joel Burns give a speech encouraging those who suffer dire situations to remember one thing- “it gets better”.  Listening to Joel, I realize that this film might not change the situation. It might not end suffering or change the mentality of the perpetrators, but what it CAN do is help the perpetrated to become stronger, arming them with a positive attitude and a resonant hope for the future.

For maximum impact: View on Big Screen.  And Volume up.


  1. It really does get better!! What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!!


  2. Love this video. It was relaxing with is soothing music and comfortable feel of the little ball floating and then squeezingn through spaces and objects. It made me feel like jumping on a bed and tossing pillows with the grandchildren. Motion, Motion, always in Motion. Just an after thought.



  3. Absolutely AMAZING David. Every journey begins with a single step. There will be tough times throughout, but once we make it through to the other side in victory, we will be blessed with the knowledge and experience gained along the way, and be better for it. IT REALLY DOES GET BETTER. Have a great week everyone.

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  4. This post reminds me of both Nelson Mandela and Solzhenitsyn coping with and becoming victorious over their long years of imprisonment under extremely harsh conditions. Mandela’s beatific personnae upon emerging from prison after 27 years stays with me to this day.


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  1. […] know that I reblogged this earlier @ this link but this is just too awesome. The video itself- indescribable. And I love it! It’s a visual […]


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