Now the afternoon is fading on…









“…I asked you not to keep me waiting. I told you not to keep me waiting. Now the afternoon is fading on…” (Lyrics)

“…I want a little bit of everything, The biscuits and the beans, Whatever helps me to forget about The things that brought me to my knees…I think that love is so much easier than you realize, If you can give yourself to someone, Then you should…” (Lyrics)

Thank You On The Backstreets



  1. Like

  2. Giving ourselves for others, even as the evening draws nigh and day is nearly done (in many ways!), is such a refreshment, a joy going into a long night, awaiting with expectancy the dawn.


  3. David…OMG…thank you turning me onto the Dawes…these guys are awesome…I’m spending the afternoon in the office, writing and listening to everything of theirs I can find on youtube!

    Be encouraged!


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