We’ve heard of woman soldiers being subjected to sexual harassment, and worse.  Here’s the response to a scandal in his army by the Head of Army for Australia, Chief Lieutenant General David Morrison.  I can’t remember when I was so moved by a 3-minute clip.   No more words.  WATCH.

Source: Thank you Lori @ Donna & Diablo who shared this video clip with me.  Lori, a continuous feed of inspiration to me every single day.  Not sure how we connected in this blogosphere community Lori, but I am lucky and blessed.

He moved me…

One of my colleagues brought her 3-month boy into the office.  That’s not him on the left.  But equally handsome.

John is his name.



He gently wrapped his hand around my finger…

Looked directly into my eyes.

Like he was telling me…everything will be okay.

And smiled.

Mystical moment.

Godspeed young man.




Image: Thank you Mme Scherzo

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