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Sunday Morning: Happy

I watched a movie on Netflix yesterday called “Happy.”  It is a shortish ~70 minute documentary which blends the current research on what makes people happy with heart warming human interest stories.  Research has found 50% of our happiness is genetic and that we return to a range of happiness within “our genetic set point.”  A mere 10% of happiness is determined by our job, our economic status, our social status and our health.  A whopping 40% is determined by intentional activity and behavior that we choose.

This is a Sunday morning “feeling” movie.  I’ve shared a short movie trailer below.  If you haven’t seen it, I would encourage you to do so.  No pun intended, but it puts you in a happy place.

I came upon a post on a widely followed blog I follow called Barking Up The Wrong Tree.  The post is titled What Ten Things Should You Do Everyday To Improve Your Life and it summarizes many of the key recommendations in this documentary. I have included key excerpts below: [Read more…]

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