Wally’s Great Adventures (69 – VOLUME UP)

hello friends, wally here. dad’s show quality dog training continues. hmmmmm. dad’s been taking me out for nature walks, which is nice and all, except both days we went it was pouring rain, and i was scrambling to keep up to him as he walks really fast. my belly (undercarriage as dad calls it) wouldn’t even clear the giant puddles so i was sopping wet. dad told me to stop complaining and keep up or a bear will eat me, which sounds frightening. somewhere along the line dad missed the memo that frenchies are in-door lap dogs. dad said enough hiding behind mom’s skirt and its time to start training on how to look fierce and scare bad people. so i’m working on that, as dad says i couldn’t even scare a little kitten, which wasnt nice. that’s all for now. nap time. have a great weekend. Your Scary-Wally.


  1. I’m shaking in my boots, Wally. Those pillows look pretty scared as well.

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  2. Oh Wally, you make me laugh (“A bear will eat you!”). Maybe you were chosen because you are so-o cute and Sully led the way…. Your Dad has always yearned for an outdoorsy, safe near bodies of water and rocks kind of companion. Maybe it’s time for this to become a two dog family…?


  3. I had fun with this video. Emma put her paws up on the desk and wanted to get right into the video with Wally. LOL.

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  4. Whoa, I’m pretty damn scared, Wally – but I’m not sure if it’s your training or your dad’s drill sergeant efforts – I’m glad you can get a nap in, for training is demanding business…I thought we were going for show dog…or hunting dog…now we’re going for scary and intimidating?? I know you’re all that and more..have a good nap

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  5. Something tells me your Dad was looking more ferocious than you in this video. You are an excellent mimic and quick learner Wally ❣️

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  6. Wally, I know you’re trying very hard.
    But you’re way too adorable to scare anyone.

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  7. Oh I’m so scared. What a truly vicious little puppy wupp!


  8. That video is terrifying, Wally! I’d say you’re almost there! 👍😉

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  9. Too bad it’d not “Like,” but “Love!”


  10. tell dad that we all have undercarriages, some more than others, and that he can leave the scaring of people job to himself, you are more of a gentle giant by nature


  11. Wow Wally!! You scared the daylights out of me! This comment is late because I’ve been hiding under my bed for two days! I only just crawled out, and I’m still shaking!

    I think you have mastered “scary”! Tell dad you want to stand by the door and scare kids at Halloween! Mom and dad won’t have to give out any candy at all!

    Thank goodness I know you are “Wise and Wonderful” 🙂 You are the KING of scary! No more training required (please!!!… I am begging you! The stress might kill me!)



  1. […] again, inspired by David Kanigan’s blog about Wally’s Great Adventures, I wanted to share Emma’s reaction. Please click on the link to see Wally’s pitch for a […]

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