Wally’s Great Adventures (51)

Wally’s Great Adventures (51) hello friends, wally here. mom went to run errands so i was helping dad work. i figured if i could stare at dad long enough maybe he would get off the phone and play with me. he told me if i was good for 20 minutes, just 20 minutes, he would give me some treats. 20 minutes is like forever. so while i waited for dad to get off his stoopid call i decided to chew on the black stringy cords, and that made dad very unhappy, and he told me to stop that. i then decided to check out the back of dad’s desk, i put my paw on top of something dad calls a home-pod, which then turned on loud blaring music, and dad whispered to me, ‘wally, i’m begging you, please stop.’ then i banged my head on the big screen, and started chewing on the corner of the computer tv, and dad’s eyes went bug-eyed and he said ‘that was that, i had to get down, and i was a super bad boy.’ just then mom came home, i was so happy to see mom because working with dad was no fun at all! have a good evening everyone. Wally.


  1. If you’d feed your dog he wouldn’t have to eat cords and monitors. (It took us a while to clue into that too.) What a little sweetheart he is.

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  2. Dear Wally, Looks like you’re too young to apprentice to dad. In fact that may not be the right career path for you!

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  3. Awwww
    Wally is still teeny tiny ❤️

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  4. WALLY! You have a great opportunity here! Tell dad if he gives you prime rib, you won’t eat his ENTIRE computer when he leaves you alone in the house!

    (Just kidding Wally… That would be bad… Don’t do that… You have awesome parents, so be good to them (within reason).) 😁


  5. I think dad didn’t understand how you were trying to help him – pretty slick there, Wally..chew on the cables until you render all data sources broken – and that way did could play with you all day..You’re a very smart, little guy

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  6. it sounds like dad’s job can be a bit boring at times, and sounds like you need a job with a bit more action!

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  7. It seems to me that you, like Dad, have a compelling sense of curiosity, Wally, just like your dad. The difference is that you explore with your mouth while he (to the benefit of us all) uses his eyes. Tell Dad a good game of fetch or a quick walk in the fresh air would likely dissipate that energy you currently seek to expel by chewing. Would be good for both of you. Keep workin’ it, little dude. You got this….

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  8. Oh Wally! You can’t play with Dad’s electronics! Perhaps take him to the store you can pick out some new toys.

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    Wally, man!! You da bomb!! … “Wally’s Great Adventures (51) hello friends, wally here. mom went to run errands so i was helping dad work.”

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  10. If Dad is going to put you up on his desk, he has to face the consequences…


  11. wally, i agree with Lori (as I so often do – and thankfully she responds illico presto while i do it when i can, which is not often enough). but still, i have two points to make:
    1) chewing dad’s working material is no good; if he can’t do his job, you’ll go hungry (once you have eaten all his cables and stuff) – so you should leave his workplace alone
    2) dad is slightly unhinged if he thinks you could sit next to his ‘toolbox’ and stay quiet. tell him the only way forward is to take you FIRST for a long walk and then feed you some treats so that you’ll have a restful few hours. in that time he could work quietly and both of you would be happy.
    bye cutie, must rush off.


  12. Hahah…. Hard to refuse such a cutie!
    It’s amazing how they (puppy wups) just have to be doing, doing, doing!
    So much like us…


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