Wally’s Great Adventures (47 – ‘learning to fly’)

hello friends, wally here. BIG DAY. BIG. as you know, today dad was on a mission to execute his show-quality-training regimen, whatever that means. dad said we couldn’t take naps or horse around eating sticks and scat, and we wouldn’t be running and hiding behind mommy, this was serious business. dad also said absolutely no tennis balls for sully, at which point sully fell to the ground, rolled on his back and wailed like a baby. mom yelled at dad and said that he wasn’t training, he was bribing, and he’s drained most of the dog food. anywho, you just have to see dad’s last training session. (VOLUME UP ON THE SLO-MO VIDEO.) this was my first ever jump up to the ottoman unassisted by mom or dad. dad is best show-quality-trainer ever. mom said sully and i did an amazing job, and dad just looked like a giant walrus. good one mom! have a great weekend everyone. Wally.


  1. That is so sweet! And look at Wally fly! Sully has more practice but I’m amazed at how he got his compact (solid) body up there. But little Wally! Wow! Yes, that will be my new name for him – Little Wally Wow. And okay, you flew not too badly either, DK.

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  2. Love this video so much! Perfect background music! Awesome demonstration of agility by all three characters involved :-). Dad clearly has a future in show dog training if he feels like it! “Little Wally Wow“… Perfect nickname for Wally! I’m convinced he could climb Everest if he felt like it… but why bother! Naps are so much more fun! Thanks for the update Wally! Happy Sunday!

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  3. dad almost squished Tully, but luckily he knew how to move quickly, and you all look like almost like a great olympic gymnastic dance team

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  4. <

    div dir=”ltr”>This made all the hard work of helping yourself and your back get healthy worth it!… like almost

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  5. A giant, lovable walrus…or a really large pillow to jump to…and oh, puppy kisses!!!

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  6. Like Beth I held my breath waiting for Sully to reappear…was a wee bit worried. And Wally, you truly sailed through the air with the greatest of ease! Can only imagine what feats of daring do today will bring! 😉

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  7. That was Olympic-quality training! Still laughing. xo

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  8. I think you’re ready to retire, DK.
    You’re missing out on all the fun. You need to be doing this 7 days a week 🙂


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    Fly, Wally, fly!! … “My first ever jump up to the ottoman unassisted by mom or dad.”


  10. Other than you landing on Sully, all the landings were perfect! You love these two like your children. They get to you, don’t they. I will forever miss mine when their day comes. How about a video of Wally jumping on everything he can and all of his tricks in a video. that would be fun.


  11. What a show! And what a leap, Wally. You really did fly! Was worried for Sully for a moment, there…


  12. that was a CRUSHING show…. and miraculously sully survived dad squashing him into the cushions. great, great fun! big smiles.


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