T.G.I.F: Wally’s Great Adventures (38)

hello friends, wally here. dad says he’s agnostic but today has him spinning and wondering, must be sunday, date of Sabbath, could there really be a God, whatever all this means. what i do know is that, he seemed less angry at / irritated with me which is like huge progress. he said that one day in a row isn’t a miracle but as it pertains to me it’s damn climbing Everest, whatever that means. i’ve not eaten shat or scat, one day in a row. i’ve not shat or peed on the bed or in the house or under the kitchen table, one day in a row. i didn’t yank and yank and yank on my wee wee today, one day in a row.  I didn’t walk around on three feet, with one paw in the air looking up at the sky, like an idiot, one day in a row.  and, mom took me for a walk, i didn’t shake like a little kitten, again as dad emphasizes for God’s Sake. and i walked a full mile without my mommy holding me in her arms like a little girly puppy. dad watched the video with me walking, ‘hauling ass’ he described it, ‘champion little beast’ he called me, ‘show quality’ he whispered… and quickly added, for one day in a row. i could swear i saw a tear on dad’s cheek, i did see a tear, could he be proud of me? I barked at him, and asked him if he was crying and was that a tear? He walked away mumbling and told me to mind my own business. that’s it for today everyone, signing off, Wally, the Champion Little Beast! 


  1. LOL! Good for you, Wally! I’d tear up, too, if I had to put up with the possibility of a poopy doggy kiss or a hidden pile I stepped in in the dark…

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  2. go, dad! and I’m so happy about your one day streak!

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  3. You are a champion, Wally! Way to go.

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  4. Way to go Wally!! Loved your video!! You did a quick “big dog warm up shake”, and then took off like you owned the road and were on an important mission! That was a very Champion Beast Dog Behavior! I bet dad loved that! To top it all off, it looked like you weren’t pulling on your leash too hard (unless dad was running to keep up lol). Humans don’t like it when you pull hard on the leash because they trip, fall, and look stupid. Leaving a little slack in the leash is definitely a sign of a Champion! (And of course we all know you are a Champion no matter what!) Keep up the great work! Every streak starts with a first day… and most importantly “Champion Beast Behavior“ means you probably get extra snuggles and treats! (Just remember to keep that hockey tape hidden!)


  5. That is definitely some show quality walking! And tail curl 😍

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  6. Some people do stretches when they go for a walk; Wally shakes to loosen up. He sure can motor!

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  7. So wonderful that you are so adorable, Wally! Taking care of you and dealing with your pee and poop manners can be quite demanding for mom and dad.


  8. Wally, you’re amazing, and a tear is in my eye, because your dad is so delighted…

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  9. little champ


  10. You’re precious Wally….


  11. You are the best reporter of the truth and the best wee boy ever 🤩


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