T.G.I.F: Wally’s Great Adventures (37)

hello friends, wally here. dad said one more day like today and i’m going back to where i came from, and mom is going with me.  it all started when I was sitting on the ottoman rubbing my wee-wee. dad asked mom what the hell was i doing. mom said she thinks i found willy world. dad said that’s not funny, and it just can’t be — he said that he had no words for what he was watching, yet he couldn’t stop watching. so I kept doing it because it felt good. dad said that we can add another huge black mark on the ever growing list of wally defects, and why mom got me in a Blue Light Special. dad went on to ask mom if she could imagine wally at the Westminster Dog Show pleasuring himself in the center of the ring. dad yelled at mom and said he would not humiliate himself with this creature that had no scruples. mom then said not to worry, she’s got this all on video. dad walked out and said he couldn’t bear it anymore, that with mom’s training i’m regressing at such a rate that he couldn’t even imagine what will happen tomorrow. burn the video he said, burn it. have a great week. signing out, willy, i mean wally. 


  1. Oh, that’s too funny. DK stoops to doggie porn. LOL. But seriously, let the little guy have some fun. He’ll get tired of it. I suppose you could always put a pair of sweat pants on him.

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  2. I can’t stop laughing…and now that he’s discovered the joy that is innately his, you know it’s never going to abate. Another great trick that really only other guys can teach…ah Wally…❤️

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  3. Boys will be boys.


  4. Don’t worry, Wally, Dot’s favourite pastime is butt licking. (her own that is) Not very ladylike and her dad gets annoyed all the time. At least you’re little and cute. (PS I don’t think you’ll go blind!)


  5. you are just growing up, and dad has to accept that –


  6. “….the joy that is innately his…” 😂😂 Ahhh Wally, ya little ‘wanker’….what will you think of next?!

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  7. Disgustingly…cute! Wally! Wally! Wally! find a dark corner for “that”!


  8. Wally, I still think you should go after daddy for violating your privacy like this! An eye for an eye.

    Wait, do you know what violating and privacy mean?


  9. Oh Wally. You do realise with dad like yours, you will NEVER have a private moment again…


  10. Then he plants a big kiss on Susan’s mouth!

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