Wally’s Great Adventures (35).

Wally’s Great Adventures (35). hello friends, wally here. very quiet around here. eric is traveling. dana went home. hi dana! rachel and andrew went home. and my big bro & bff sully went home. mom and dad try to play with me, and they are nice and all but nothing like sully. i miss him. we wrestle, and he lets me win. he let’s me chew on his chewy bone. i lick all the slobber from his face, and lick his wee wee and dad yells at me and asks wth is wrong with me. Then after, i give sully so many kisses and we take long naps together. i’m not sure when he’s coming back, but i hope its soon. have a great week. Wally.


  1. Love the love. 💕When sully isn’t there, keep remembering these good times. He will be with you soon .. and in the meantime you have delicious memories to enjoy, and some new training from mom and dad, eh?


  2. Awww… It’s nice having big bro around for sure. He’ll be back for sure.
    (Though his face on the second pic says a lot…)

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  3. Laughing so much!

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  4. now you have something to look forward too!


  5. oops, ‘to’ )

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  6. Always tough to say goodbye to a good friend, Wally, but this break will give you time to learn a few new tricks (I’ve been forwarding your dad a few ideas) and make plans for your next adventure with Sully. And may I just say, the sartorial splendor you two display is stunning! ❤️

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  7. Hi little one, not sure that Sully’s good nature wasn’t wearing a little thin – his face doesn’t seem nearly as delighted as yours. Sometimes it’s fun to be the only pup and get all the attention. So Sully gets to be with his hoomans, and you get to think about all the fun things you can do to him when he gets back. In the interim, maybe someone can entertain you – and I have no doubt there are two people who will do that happily…

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  8. If I had a tail to wiggle in joy, I’d be wiggling it after reading today’s Wally adventure!


  9. Wally, we feel your pain. Sully will be back soon. We met a brand new, 8 weeks old, little Frenchie at the coffee shop today. Her name is Lucy and she is so cute. We all got to hold her. Dot and Lia were OK with her too.


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