Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

The point was that we both understood how easy it is to let your life pass along, totally in book, unless you take a risk, disrupt the expected patterns, and try to make something human happen.

—  CJ Hauser, The Crane Wife: A Memoir in Essays (Doubleday, July 12, 2022)


  • Highly recommended. And if you can, listen on Audible.
  • Guardian Book Review July 19, 2022: The Crane Wife by CJ Hauser review – frank and funny essays on doomed romances.


  1. You have to make a choice…To take a chance…Or your life will never change. -author unknown-

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  2. we need to live life, not just pass through it

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  3. Ohhh, sounds like a ‘must.’! And have been wanting to see ‘Tar’ since hearing Blanchett talk snout the film last fall….

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  4. Are they all doomed, these romances?


  5. Debra Blake says:

    Are they all doomed, these romances?


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  6. “…try to make something human happen”…yes, that’s it…


  7. Nothing like a week that starts with a MMWC by you!

    I’m from that club. The club that takes the risks, disrupts patterns.
    Right now I’m too happy and relaxed where things are. Looking for the next pattern to shake.

    But one must stop and recognize the ones that keep things in place while they need to be. We honor our Sentinels too.

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  8. Intriguing. In my mind I think I oscillate between feeling the need to do something, disrupt the monotony of my life, and to learn to appreciate that monotony, relish the ordinariness of my existence.
    Adding to my ever-growing TBR, thanks.


  9. Life, for me, should be a mix of the steady, follow the book with moments thrown in to shake things up and out of monotony – though, to be honest, it is more fun when we are in control of those things that throw us out of whack…
    Added to my to be listened to pile…

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