Wally’s Great Adventures (27).

hello friends, wally here. i know, i know, its been a long time since last report. i guess i need to come clean. these Wally stories are ghost-written by dad, i know you must be shocked. its not as big of a deal as you think, as he mostly types what i say, dad does almost no editing & he LOVES to edit. anyhoo, dad totally shut down last week & said he wouldn’t help me if i continued to bully sully. BULLY, ME? he said that i steal his chewy bone & then his other bone when mom gives him a new one. i asked dad what he would do, eat a shitty old bone or go after a juicy new one? dad said that wasn’t the bloody point, that i steal all of sully’s shit, steal all of his new & old bones, steal his toys, steal his water bowl & food dish, run surprise kamikaze missions & pounce on sullys head gnawing on his jowls, AND I steal sully’s sleeping spot with mom, & this was way over the top. sully put up with all this crap except for the sleeping situation, dad thinks that’s why sully is pissing all over the bed. LIKE ITS MY FAULT HE’S PISSING ON MOM’S BED. anyhoo, i told dad i would try, but i’m not really going to try, i learned by watching dad, he doesn’t change no matter what, i mean no.matter.what. i am giving sully just a bit more space when sleeping with mom (and he’s since stopped doing bad things on the bed, see!), but i will offer nothing more. ZERO more. btw, those hairy legs in the 2nd photo are dads, sully and i were sleeping under the covers with dad, mom demanded this be disclosed, as her legs aren’t this hairy. third picture dad took at 3am, and do you see sully’s giant head on top of me, its any wonder i can breathe, so you see i give him things. anyway despite all this, i just love sully and he loves me because he doesn’t chomp on my little head when i harass him. i asked dad if we could adopt sully so he could be here always, and you should have seen dad light up, he’s up to something. so stay tuned for more on that. have a good day everyone. Wally.


  1. Hi Wally
    I have 2 sons, 27 and 24. Your stories with Sully remind me of the two boys when they were little. Sounds very familiar.

    You did not have to say it. It’s clear that these hairy legs you and Sully are settled between are not woman’s legs.


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  2. Ok Wally, what does dad have up his sleeve? An extended stay opportunity for Sully (that lasts forever, perhaps)? Another little guy to give you a run for the money and another little pal to share the warmest vent in the house? Whatever is in the offing, there is little more adorable than your face – even when being smooshed by Sully (who is a very very good sport)…

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  3. Won’t it be wonderful when Wally is completely potty trained? But then, here’s Sully doing his thing all these years later. Is there any hope? I think Wally has it figured out though, how far he can push his luck, and who’s boss. Potty and doggy porn aside, the Captain and I do enjoy Wally’s adventures.

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  4. Oh wally, you DO look squashed up by sully…. But anyhooo, you‘ll live and ‚give and take a little‘ with sully will be working a treat. Just stay a bit with YOUR toy bones and don‘t insist on being the king on the night throne (that‘s the toilet over here!) – he‘s a good boy and he accepts a lot of your shenanigans. Sleep well

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  5. You’re rough on that baby!


  6. What’s the big deal? You’re just doing what every younger sub does to the older one and the older one gets jealous that it doesn’t get all of the attention anymore so he-she acts naughty to make a point and get some extra attention. Please remind dad of this and I hope it’s good news about sully on the horizon for you. Tell dad to think about what he was like as a young sibling.


  7. Ahhhh, adolescence! I don’t have kids so can’t claim to know about that, but did housebreak two puppies simultaneously some years back…suffice it to say, it was a goat rope. There was a stretch of time there where someone was always ready to potty, in the midst of pottying, or had just finished pottying (and oftentimes not in the desired locale). Thought I would lose my tiny little mind, but once we got the routine down, they were both rock stars ever after. 🤛 I have no doubt you two will sort it out, tussles and all, and if you happen to have the opportunity to do so 24/7, so much the better. A kiddo for Mom and one for Dad…nirvana….💕

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  8. 🤔… I’m thinking it’s not a Sully adoption forming but rather, maybe a little sister — you know — a puppy for Dad, a puppy for Mom. 🤗🤞😉


  9. Wally I was missing you. What did you get from Santa?


  10. Never a dull moment!


  11. Adorable.no.matter.what❣️


  12. Wally isn’t writing these stories?! They are ghost written!? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! (LOL! Loving the stories anyway!)

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    Wally’s baaaaaaack!! – Awesome!! Missed you!!


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