Wally’s Great Adventures (12)

hello everyone, wally here. soooooo, is that your wally up there in the photo sniffing juicy things? that would be NO! that would be sully, my big bro, who is visiting this week. i love sully but dad has taken sully out with him every morning, and me? zero times. sully told me today that i missed a HUGE day, that dad was just giddy with the morning twilight show, pictures here. when i barked at dad, dad told me to stop whining and grow up and when i’m a big boy like sully maybe he will take me.  hmpffffffffff. i’ve learned a lot from listening to dad, so this where he would say “this is total bullsht”.  but, i’m little, i’m discriminated against and as dad would say “there ain’t sht i can do about it” so i decided to show dad that i’m bigger and better than sully.

this is sully and me guarding the house and watching for criminals. yes, i know, it is darien, ct but you just never know when something bad could be running around loose.

and the picture below is sully and me napping in sully’s favorite spot on top of the cushions. (Oh, that was mom’s idea to put the heart around sully and me because i love sully. dad cringed.)

and here’s sully and me playing tug-o-war with his favorite ball. i drink from sully’s water bowl when he drinks, we drink together. we chew on the same bone together. we wrestle together, and i don’t win often but i keep pulling on sully’s jowls to let him know that i’m a tough little guy. so, there are just so many things i’m just as good as sully. yet…

dad is stomping around the house saying he tired of this “mamma’s boy sh*t.” he pulled this photo out to prove his point.  nice photo of mom and me, cute right? dad was furious.  he said so long as i’m in dog bags going to nordstrom’s he won’t be caught dead out in the public with me. i barked at him because that wasn’t nice. but i love my mom, she gives so many cuddles. dad says too damn many cuddles and i’m getting soft and pretty soon i’m going to be a lost cause, what’s next he said, pedicures? i barked at dad and was about to tell him that he’s a lost cause but decided i need to play along with him if i hope to go on adventures.  ok friends, it’s wally’s nap time. happy sunday.


  1. Cutes photo ever with you and mommy. I’m starting to think it was daddy, not mommy, who was saying no to getting a puppy for over 5 years. It just cannot be mommy. ooops, did I just say this out loud?

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    • dad says you have a really hard time blocking any thought that comes into your mind. i respect that.

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      • Daddy is right.
        This thought was very hard to block. Can you believe he got us all begging mommy for years?

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        • Sawsan and Sully: exactly my thoughts too….. dad seems to be a great pretender! showing baby dog who’se the boss…. ha ha ha – we have got him by the tripes!
          BUT you’ll learn – just wait until you’re as big and ‘seasoned’ as Sully and you might be taken along on those walks for a while. The picture of mum and you in the bag is simply wonderful! I wd have put that laundry basket in another room though…. but as it was dad who took the pic, it’s understandable. Men don’t see these things (she said, coming up with a basket full of freshly washed things!).

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  2. Wally, this bromance you have goin’ with Sully is too cute. He’s a good dude and I am sure he will show ya all the tricks of the trade. And be patient, little man. You’ll be setting off to the park with dad before you know it (and likely grumbling about the early hour once it gets to that. 😉)

    And that picture with your mom? That’s ‘fire’ as the cool kids say….🔥🔥

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  3. you and sully are like butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid. picture with mom is so very cute


  4. Best one yet. Loving the integration of sunrise photos with Wally’s diaries, ha!


  5. niasunset says:

    beautiful photograph, always human moms are so nice and so good… Thank you, Love, nia

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  6. How could I have missed this post??? A very belatedly shout out to your mom, Wally – she’s clearly got the best looking tote in town!! And to echo Sawsan’s commented with a very enthusiastic ‘indeed’!


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