World Re-opening…

Art by Gürbüz Doğan Ekşioğl, (from Istanbul, Turkey). Françoise Mouly: “When coronavirus quarantines were announced, more than a year ago, artists began sending in sketches about our new, locked-in reality. One of those sketches, from Gürbüz Doğan Ekşioğlu, who is based in Istanbul, looked far ahead, imagining the thrill and poignancy of a world reopening. Today, the pandemic is far from over, but many countries are finally exhaling, and it seemed apt to publish Ekşioğlu’s image.”


  1. Me thinks the Turks are coming in strongly…..
    Have you ever seen this guy’s work?

    He’s combining paintings with modern heads, pulling fun of ‘big wigs’ – and himself – and he’s hugely talented!

    I like a positive view of everything. We have enough other stuff to cope with – let’s see the light!

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  2. This one here isn’t half bad either:

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  3. That is an incredibly perfect visual

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  4. Now that I no longer receive it… what a great visual, as Beth said.
    And yesterday, for the first time in forever, I ate in a restaurant. Inside! Woo hoo!

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  5. Those New Yorker covers! Thank you, Kiki for leading us to such a rich treasure trove. Regarding the theme, I have mixed feelings…but maybe it’s not the pandemic circumstances, could be just that after so much reflection, I’m still behind the door.

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  6. what a great image…

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  7. Amazing how one visual can so perfectly encapsulate the panoply of feelings that “re-entry” into the world provokes. What a year it has been….

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