Saturday Morning

DK @ Daybreak: 4:38, 4:48 & 4:59 am, June 5, 2021. 62° F. Cove Island Park, Stamford, CT.


  1. Wow, pal, that first image, with the house softly aglow in the distance…magical!

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  2. P.S. They are all lovely, but that one just grabbed me….☺️

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  3. Wow, really cool photo,

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  4. very nice

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  5. i’m drawn to the glow. hopefully i’ll never meet an alien aircraft all aglow and not be able to resist…

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  6. I will never evertire of these photos…each one so different and evocative…the first one warms my heart

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  7. as a fan of purple, I like that last photo quite a bit 🙂


  8. Thank you for ‘enlightening’ my morning with such beauty.

    I just finished posting on my blog about my encounter with a man with a brick.

    It ended up leaving me feeling sad and dispirited.

    I’m so grateful I came here now.

    Much gratitude.

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  9. It’s Saturday, sleep in!

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  10. Serenity right there…
    And I’m with Lori, that first image is absolutely enchanting.

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  11. A beautiful morning.

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  12. A new dawn and an other day. How simple, yet astonishing. Wonderfully captured Dave.

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  13. It’s worth getting up early to enjoy a cool breeze, morning bird song, a cool breeze and this sort of sunrise! Thanks for sharing!

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  14. Wonderful pictures 😊

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