Good Morning

And on this uneventful morning, the soft rain makes the oak outside my window dip enough for the early light to stream across the braided mountain hanging on my wall. Now the thread on the border swells with the sun and seems for the moment the source of all strength. Then the sun steps higher in the sky, and the thread that holds all things together goes back to work.

~ Mark Nepo, from “The Golden Thread” (, April, 13, 2020)

Photo: Rain Drops by DEmiJAN Me


  1. And we haven’t had rain for several weeks now….. and hayfever makes me an outcast when I go shopping….. 😉

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  2. Ya do find yourself noticing absolutely *everything* around the house. Yesterday I realized I had forgotten to dust the desk in my office when I cleaned over the weekend…😂

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  3. nature’s symphony in a live performance

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    ‘Uneventful morning … yet so meaningful!! ~ Mark Nepo, from “The Golden Thread” (, April, 13, 2020)

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  5. Sun on almost anything feels good when you’ve been deprived of it all winter.

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  6. Ahh… You are working my heart muscles big time with Mark Nepo.

    Breathing deeply. No sneezing.

    Thanks for the lovely wake-up.

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  7. What lovely imagery…

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  8. Christie says:

    this morning we noticed fine particles on top of the iced car’s windows…I said to dear hubby the pollen has laid down upon the ice…later in the day I went and looked at the cars covered in fresh yellow pollen, continuously exploding from the trees exhales …

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  9. Christie, what a great picture you paint! But where do you live? Ice AND pollen…. that’s so heavy!!!

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  10. blessedreams says:

    Well written!

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