Saturday Morning

And for moments, nothing more.

Some people understand the privilege of stillness and can sit and breathe and look and hear and smell the world turning and let what’s next wait the while.

~ Niall Williams, “This Is Happiness” (Bloomsbury Publishing; December 3, 2019)


Photo: Levas Žiriakovas with Spring Sun


  1. Yes. Even one such as I, who seems to be always on the go – trust me, I am not – loves to stop and breathe and be in the moment.

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  2. Those pauses are solid gold for the soul….

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  3. it’s these moments that give us a chance to catch our breath, that allow us to re-enter the world and continue to live in it

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  4. And relax….

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  5. so what’s next? 🙂

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  6. …And while a patient, privileged person sinks into the couch, allowing each gift of breath to cleanse the mind as the soul expands as the savory smell, aloft of slow roasting, turn baby turn…chicken on a spit, coming to mellow fruition…the realization of taking it easy and slow, like the gift of a man with a slow hand…reaps benefits…

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