Lightly child, lightly

The leaves are turning,
one by one carried away in the crisp wind […]
Away, away, says the blue and gold day,
and no one hears it but the wind…
Sit here —…
This is heaven.
Sit. Stay.

~ Margaret Gibson, from “Heaven“ in Broken Cup: Poems



  1. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Stay a long while

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  3. A little slice of heaven…

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  4. Fall’s version of the Secret Garden

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  5. Funny; I just took a few shots in Switzerland, where we enjoy a week of music and singing in the most beautiful mountain village – lots of yellow and reddish leaves tumbling to the ground, but also plenty of sunshine and autumnal warmth – soul fodder!

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  6. perfect for the windy weather we are having today!

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  7. Interesting perspective on that photo.

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  8. Anonymous says:

    “Is this Heaven?” – Shoeless Joe Jackson
    No, It’s Iowa.

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  9. Alan Malizia says:

    “Is this heaven?” – Shoeless Joe Jackson
    “No.” It’s Iowa.”

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  10. I love landing here today. Thank you David 💛

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  11. What a stunning shot, David.
    We had so much rain in the last 24 hours, I fear I won’t be able to take any more glorious pictures… Though I shall go out and see.

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  12. oh my… i am now ‘homesick’ for Colorado!!

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