Most decisions are based on a tiny difference.

People say, ‘This was right, that was wrong’; the difference was a feather.

I keep scales wherever I am to remind me of that. They’re a symbol of my awareness. Of the distortion most people have of what is better and what is not.

~ Terry Tempest Williams, Erosion: Essays of Undoing (Sarah Crichton Books, October 8, 2019)

Photo: Feathers by Marie


  1. I love this explanation, life and what happens within it, is such a delicate balance

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  2. Love the photo – goes perfectly with the quote. And how true is it that ofttimes the differences are minute.

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  3. Some decisions are made merely on an impulse — totally equal choices, just a matter of that moment in time.

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  4. Instead of scales, I employ the feathers…. so much lighter! And how do I ever know whether ‘my’ weighing is the right one, my decisions are always the right ones?

    My father used to tease us children with the mathematical question: What is heavier, a kilo of lead or of feathers….

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  5. I keep scales wherever I am as well, and obsess whenever the difference between one day and the next is even just a feather, in the wrong direction! 🙂

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  6. How true! That can explain why often I say this is right, and you say this is wrong – the different interpretation amounts to a feather 🙂

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