4:00 am. And craving…

Credit: The Inspired Home: 29 Fancy Grill Cheese For the Ultimate Cheesiest Meal Ever (via Your Eyes Blaze Out)


  1. 4:40 am. Craving badly!

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  2. omg, you’re killin’ me!

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  3. You Can’t eat that yummy sandwich, coz this is what our body is doing for our sleeping bodies at 4am ha 👌😊

    3 AM – 5 AM // Lung
    Emotion: Sadness/Grief
    Functions: The Lungs govern the respiratory and immune system, regulate the sweat glands, and moisten the skin.

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  4. Oh yeah…me too!

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  5. Dear Lord, but that looks good! Then again, is there really a bad time to eat cheese?….

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    YUMMY!! … ‘The Inspired Home: 29 Fancy Grill Cheese For the Ultimate Cheesiest Meal Ever (via Your Eyes Blaze Out).’

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  7. OMG! That big picture of the grilled cheese…and you leave us there craving too?

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  8. Valerie Meluskey says:

    …I feel you…is that Munster cheese, not that I’d care…any cheese would do…as long as the toast is buttered. [yes, I love fat!]

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  9. Wow! I can’t wait for 4AM!

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  10. Never had 4am cravings thankfully I am asleep at 4am

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  11. 4 am and cheese create more nightmares. Trust me I know. 🙏

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  12. wow, what a lovely bunch of cheese crazed people are out there, at 4am – dreaming about an artery clogging delicatessen (it doesn’t really have to be Münster, that’s taking it a bit too far!) – and yet able to comment…. That’s just great!

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  13. I know I’m in the minority on this one, but cheese never did anything for me…

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