Move it up. Top of your list. Now.

She was, quite simply, a nice lady who’d raised a family and now lived quietly with her cats and grew vegetables. This was both nothing and everything.

~ Gail Honeyman, Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine.




  1. looking forward to reading this –

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  2. Will you stop teasing pls? I TOLD you it’s on my wish list….

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  3. It’s a great read…I second the recommendation!

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  4. Definitely one of my favorites. Hilarious. Heartbreaking. Oh…it has all the feels!

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  5. Okay. Got it. Ordering now!

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  6. Making it happen, as we speak!

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  7. I enjoyed the book.

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  8. update: Have (hopefully, not yet confirmed) snagged a used copy on a French website…..

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  9. are you an Amazon affiliate or something? 🙂
    thanks for the recommendation…

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  10. I just finished this and was blown away. thank you

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