Saturday Morning

Let my words become like a skilled
Potter’s hands,
Smoothing your life
With their knowledge,
Reaching into your tender core
And spreading you out
Like the morning …

~ Hafiz (1315-1390), from “Your Shape of Laughter” in “The Subject Tonight Is Love. 60 Wild and Sweet Poems of Hafiz

Photo: katrinauld. Poem via finita–la–commedia


  1. Love Hafiz 🙏🏻

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  2. Beautiful

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  3. His words are always like a skilled potter’s hands…

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  4. “One regret dear world,
    that I am determined not to have when I am lying on my deathbed
    is that I did not kiss you enough.”

    ~ Hafiz

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  5. Love the visual this creates

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  6. Anonymous says:

    Loved the original poem, but delight in this exchange with Sawsan even more….💕💕

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  7. Love the original poem, but delight in this exchange with Sawsan even more!

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  8. I’m in love!
    The best ultra-short-stories ever…. And thank you guys for the further poem exchange. Can’t get enough (be still my heart!). Happy weekend, enough sleep, some inward time, only good thoughts and as little worries as possible (thinking of your brother).

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  9. As an occasional potterer I can so relate to this – perfect combo. I didn’t do the wheel, only free-forming but it’s the very best therapy, apart from singing – and in the worst case, you throw the clay down on the work table, smooth it out and begin once more. Sooooo soothing!

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    • I’ve never done it but need to. So need to. I can feel that clay on my hands…

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      • It’s a feeling unlike any other. It soothes, it gives your fingers, but mostly your mind some rest, it’s peaceful, you CANNOT HURRY, and although it’s so calming, you still have to get your grips together or you will end up with something nobody would like.
        But I have news: You are not having the time to do it – sadly. It’s not something you can squeeze in your mega-compressed daily life. That’s the whole idea behind it (for us ‘Sunday’ potterers). But it’s really, really, really a wonderful pass-time. And with some luck, you create beautiful gifts too.

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  10. Delightfully delicious for a Saturday morning. Thank you David 💛

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  11. Ahhhhh… yes. Sounds nice. BTW, even though I retired ages ago, I still love Saturday mornings.

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  12. “Skilled” Potter’s hands…
    I like that 😉

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  13. I love how you and Sawsan and any other of your followers pick up and join in on your poetry exchanges.
    I really need to widen my horizons.

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