Monday Morning Wake-Up Call (60 sec to Breakfast)


  1. 🙂 so funny – brilliant – isn’t Sir! David Attenborough one of the greatest? His work, observations and, as can be seen here, sense of humour – timeless, priceless….. And I already see the ‘likes’ of Jurrasic Parc etc rolling in!
    Hope everybody’s Monday starts better 😉

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  2. And the lesson today? Never trust a being who blinks with one eye before the other and has a bill formed into a perpetually mischievous grin.

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  3. An English muffin is so much easier….

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  4. He needs the largest of the sweetest of whatever they have!
    Happy Monday 🙂

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  5. like dinosaurs!

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  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    NATURE … ‘The rivalry between two shoebill chicks becomes apparent when their mother leaves to fetch water.’


  7. Ah, good old “Mother” Nature.


  8. Attenborough’s voice is perfection for these videos. I’m loving the Planet Earth series.

    Anyone watch past the “catching of the log?” Life is harsh…

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  9. …why should I be surprised or judgmental when the creatures look like remnants of the non cuddly prehistoric crowd? I guess we’ve all evolved beyond survival of the fittest…

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  10. Wow, this was bloody amazing

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