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The New Yorker Magazine


  1. Ha! Why? Because we can! 😎

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  2. Anonymous says:

    sad, yet probably true –

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  3. Bam! These damn devices permeate every aspect of our lives…

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  4. sad, yet there is a lot of truth here

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  5. Yeah, we have an app for that. The solution has become the problem.

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  6. No, you’ve got it wrong. That’s me trying to get some WiFi coverage!!!!
    (brilliant Gif)

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    Seems there’s no way to give that ‘device’ up … no matter what!!


  8. Christie says:

    We all must be flexible in our actions…and those who are attached to their cells or tablets much take some time away from wifi areas….people don’t need to be one with technology…now breath in that gift of breath engage in movement and enjoy nature as intended…

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  9. This is why I keep the land line. The kids, the parents, and one or two people from work, to be able to reach me in case of an emergency.


  10. Relax... says:

    What is it we are looking for?

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  11. Christie says:

    An additional article on connecting with nature : in this longer article re:the forest there is also a wondrous audio only, almost 20 min recording of The Hoe Forest in The Olympic National Park Rainforst – I’ve been to Olympic NP when I was a teenager…hope to go again!
    The article continues after the video and I love when they talk of the sixth sense – the sense of Wonder and dear to my heart -he calls me the Wonder Girl…
    It’s all a miracle and Each Breath Is A Gift…

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  12. Christie says:

    Early this beautiful morning, after a heart echo-cardiogram we decided to walk the path along the river at the hospital where we delighted in watching two Bald Eagles, soaring! Wow! A few min. later we saw a hawk…the river so gorgeous the sound so soothing and the mighty trees so amazing…we also watched a yellow Swallow -tail and noted some flowers, the berries are in bloom…Green, green everywhere and people are suppose to rest their eyes on Green! The air so fresh, the sky so deep blue and finally the temp. is reasonable mid 70’s it has been too hot one day recently 100…I like below 82…///One of our sweet cats wouldn’t come in last evening so even though I went to sleep at 7pm I got up at 10:30 and she was playing come up to the door and run away (the garden is so lush that she could be 12″ from me and she wouldn’t be seen)…went back to sleep got up sometime shortly after the 2 am hour and there she was jumping down from the garden bed, she stops, has me pick her up and take her in…We do not let our animals stay out at night!! I did take the time in the backyard to look at the beautiful night sky and breath in the cool night air, the sound of silence was welcoming…I crawl back into bed and said to my hubby just think of how many people would never go in their own backyard at that time of night because it wouldn’t be safe for them to do that and I am thankful that I can do that…and I feel disappointment for those who can’t indulge in looking at the night sky or enjoy nature right in their own neighborhood…

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  13. such is life

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  14. LOL

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    When I first saw this on David Kanigan’s blog today, the first thing I did was chuckle. It is kinda humorous.

    Then my next thought was: ‘Ya just gotta ask yourself is it worth it, to work it like this?

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  16. I can’t bend like that and no longer want to try because last time it hurt too much. And the phone? It took me a while to figure that out. I don’t answer it when I am out because I am focused on what I am doing. Someone walked into me a couple of days ago, eyes and attention on her phone.

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