Resist the Rain

Patty Maher, “Resist the Rain



  1. my post today is about the sun. we all have some of each.

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  2. That sun will be through the clouds soon, DK, I’m sure of it! 😊

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  3. Or change the point of view – it’s ‘liquid sunshine’..Ok, ok, it’s a stretch…

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    “Resist the Rain …. #Resist …

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  5. Oh yeah I liked this

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  6. This image feels familiar… have you used it or one like it before?
    And… resistance is futile. Just learn to enjoy it – I’m with Mimi! 😉

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  7. Christie says:

    Dale’s comment –DK’s Patty Maher shares
    the share today is similar to some of PM’s amazing work, though this particular one hasn’t been shared before that I noticed.. DK has shared some of her individual work more than once…He likes her work and so do I… the subject photos esp. the red hair images, for me and I think DK really likes red hair…

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  8. Christie says:

    Patti Maher says “It’s always raining somewhere” and I say that some have experience this gift of rain more than others…(speaking from experience) and as a child prayed for Rain to only happen at night, this way I could play outside more…though we did float little toy boats, sticks, etc along the temporary golly wash river at the curb and we puddle splashed, giggling in glee and danced becoming so wet we were chilled to the bone… clean water in any form is so necessary for life!

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  9. Christie says:

    Dale, I just love Patti Maher work, she is so talented in photography and painting…I, too have visited her site many times! I learn so much form reading what Dave shares and reading all the contributions from all of you wise commenters! How is the House Hunting?

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