Here I was, I thought, living.

Things were better at home when a chicken roasted in the oven or eggs cooked in a hot buttered pan… Cooking was a meditation, I thought. It anchored me in my body—here was my hand, holding a knife, slicing through celery. Here I was, standing on the black and white kitchen tile of my first apartment in Brooklyn, listening to records, making dinner. Here I was, I thought, living.

~ Sarah McColl, “Joy Enough: A Memoir.” (January, 2019)

Notes: Image: Better Homes & Gardens – Perfect Fried Eggs.  Prior Sarah McColl posts


  1. Cool beans…

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  2. She understands!

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  3. Christie says:

    ” It anchored me in my body” her actions did, anchor her…If she happened to garden and grew the food she nurtured she would be tethered even deeper…Sarah is a miracle, evolving just like the power of a seed planted that sprouts, producing substance,,, Sarah gives to those who read the wise words she shares a gift of thoughts to contemplate…

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  4. it’s these moments…

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  5. That egg looks so nice

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  6. My happy place is the smell of garlic browning in butter or chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven. Those smells are soothing in a way that’s inexplicable….

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  7. Anonymous says:

    Lori,, I agree! One of the grocery I frequent bake choc. chip cookies, the smell is heavenly 🙂


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