Smell the earth

Starting a novel is opening a door on a misty landscape;

you can still see very little but you can smell the earth

and feel the wind blowing.

~ Iris Murdoch, from her debut novel: Under the Net

Notes: Quote via punlovsinPhoto by Arend Ruizendaal with Reading.



  1. and something is brewing…

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  2. This is true of writing one as well. 💕

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  3. Love this. It’s why we read, isn’t it?

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  4. Indeed.

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  5. I’ve never seen it like this but it’s a BEAUTIFUL image – and I haven’t memory of this sentence either. I therefore mustn’t have read her first novel …. what a treasure!
    That’s exactly how I feel with the spring coming on tender feet – every day anew.

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  6. Dale, it IS! Or sometimes I think it’s like opening a Christmas pressie – I’m reading SO much, trying to ‘cram in’ as many books as possible before going blind (mind you, not complaining, just facing the facts) – and I feel like getting gifts every single time I open a new book.

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  7. Oh so true!

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  8. So true….so true

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  9. Isn’t it though?


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