It’s been a long day

That sound of settling into the sheets and the covers has to be one of the best things in the world. Sleep is a mercy. You can feel it coming on, like being swept up in something.

– Marilynne Robinson, Lila: A Novel

Notes: Photo: Tatiana Koshutina (via see more). Quote via quotespile


  1. a fortunate circumstance, that takes me to a place of nourished retreat…

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  2. I don’t feel it coming on though when I wake I am thankful for the gift…for each breath is a gift…

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  3. Sometimes the transistor radio under the pillow helps me to fall asleep other times the talk radio is a hindrance to sleep as the cpap can be too…sometimes I don’t care for the topic on talk radio so I for go the lump under the pillow…


  4. Sigh, pure bliss…. if we could remain in sleep mode through the whole night, eh, David?

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  5. Especially FRESH sheets, right out of the dryer. Nirvana…

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  6. It’s coming.

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  7. That sounds so simple. Oh how I wish. Getting there is tough for me but then again, so is waking up in the morning. Hmmm

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  8. yes, and so yes. and to remain asleep, that is my trick that i have yet to master on a regular basis –

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  9. I love being swept up into dreams every night. Swoosh, swoosh in the sheets and we’re off to unexplored lands.

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  10. I woke up this morning singing the song from the old play dough commercial…”the fun never stops at the fun factory”! <Truth!

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  11. Oh yeah

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  12. So true!

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  13. If only….. I regularly HAVE to read and only when the book falls several times on my face I feel I‘m not enough ‚restful‘ (full of rest?!) to believe that I can sleep…. the joy of imsomniacs 😉
    But although it doesn‘t always work for me, slipping on new sheets and under a fresh smelling duvet is one of the great joys of life – so much so that I don‘t mind washing and changing them every week – and I always let them dry in the air, even in winter when I hang them in our large basement next to the heating – but they told me that they long to be fluttering their stuff once more in the real fresh air, even if sometimes birds were shitting on them …..

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  14. I know – that is exactly how I felt that time too…. 🙂

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