Picking a World

One world
Includes airplanes and power plants,
All the machinery that surrounds us,
The metallic odor that has entered words.

The other world waits
In the cold rain
That soaks the hours one by one
All through the night
When the woods come so close
you can hear them breathing like wet dogs.

~ Tom Hennen, “Picking a World” in Darkness Sticks to Everything: Collected and New Poems 

Poem: via See More. Photo by Aleksi Tikka titled Hazy Moonlight (Harinjärvi, Lake in Finland)


  1. such a contrast, like being on two different planets

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  2. Yes. And we live on both.


  3. Amazing, isn’t it, that these spaces can be so different and yet contiguous? The older I get, the more I crave the latter…the solitude, the peacefulness, the respite from the unrelenting press to do, go, respond, act, move.


  4. Some of us chose one, some, the other. I’m still at a point where a little of both are needed, or is it, desired? A nice balance does me fine


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    Beautiful image … beautiful words! #ThePowerOfWrittenWord ….


  6. I want it ALL!

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  7. Tom Hennen’s words elicited thoughts of expansion in me…In American history as well as present day man moves on his feet with his machetes, his ax fell, tall straight white pines of Maine and New Hampshire depleted, for Ships Mast and occasionally canoes, fires set to clear the areas of forests. the prairie ablaze smoke spread far, kills off bugs, the scorched grass nourishes rejuvenating soil, man behind his horses, plowing hidden earth, exposed, carried on the wind, soon the Iron Horse chugged further, belching steam, wilderness became move accessible…later his chain saws, whined, his caterpillar earth-movers push…the timber sales met with protest where people bivouac high in the might Douglas Firs in attempt to save the life present in the forest…the life we need for air, for clean water, where birds sing, fish spawn and fungi for cancer medicine grow…small islands of wilderness dwindle and man no longer has balance and many no daily commune with the One World that teeters after continually gifting us with necessity of life…the intersection where nature cries and modern world’s consuming merge overtakes not knowing balance… I am so grateful for the gifts of the World and my eyes have tasted the stunning beauty, recording in my mind the moments of delight, solitude, wonder that has filled my Soul and I am Better for the gift…

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  8. I love the natural gray one..

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