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New Apple holiday film tells a story of a girl who is bursting with ideas but is afraid to share them.  Music: Billie Eilish with come out and play



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    Need uplifting and heartwarming things today …. ‘New Apple holiday film tells a story of a girl who is bursting with ideas but is afraid to share them.’
    Take a look!!

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  4. Just wonderful – and a perfect music pairing!

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  5. Such a beautiful message…

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  6. Why does this movie somehow remind me of you Mr K? 😌

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  7. Her sweet dog is smart…creating a chain reaction of possibility..the girl’s courage grew when she discovered her pages of creativity brought smiles to others…she realized that sharing can enlighten others and grow Joy inward and outward.

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  8. If I had eyebrows like the Heroine (which might (or could) include the dog)….I’d share more. I know I would. Sure I would. Well, maybe. Well, maybe…next year……

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  9. Sharing one’s creative musings with the rest of the world is scary stuff. You’re putting a piece of yourself out there and then hoping to goodness someone responds positively. It’s a process (or at least it is for me). But hey, if you’re not risking and failing, you’re not trying, right?

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    • He had felt for the first time that he was at home: the feeling of having unwittingly caused an irreversible change, of his failure being the force that broke new ground, was, he realised standing there, the deepest and most familiar thing he knew. By failing he created loss, and loss was the threshold to freedom: an awkward and uncomfortable threshold, but the only one he had ever been able to cross; usually, he said, because he was shoved across it as a consequence of the events that had brought him there.

      ~ Rachel Cusk, Transit: A Novel (Picador; December 19, 2017)

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  10. I so love this!

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