Line may not be steep enough…

Source: Jessica Hagy, – Self-Medication for Anxiety.


  1. Hahaha. I think you need a vertical line there!

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  2. Well from where I sit on the couch, cozy, warm and watching a Nicolis Sparks book come alive in a movie… and he just gave me a small plate of 3 warm from the oven peanut-butter chocolate chip cookies with a spoon full of marshmallow cream topping, I’d say cookie one was pretty good and I am moving on to #2 and I know there will not be any diminishing returns…

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  4. and I say what perfect timing! I love the saying and partake often in the “Apple a Day” sometimes accompanied by Almond butter that perhaps in 2019 I might need to embark on adding a cookie a day to the regime? oh, and give him an extra kiss for taking such good care of me 🙂

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  5. I just read him these comments and he said yes to the extra kiss and then he smiles, chuckled as he motions with his hand to his mouth and said it looks like you are foaming from the mouth with cookie crumbs and marshmallow cream…

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  6. Jalapeno kettle chips.
    Or jalapeno kettle chips with cookies.

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  7. LOL!

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  8. i am a huge fan of jalapeño kettle chips like saws with a cookie chaser. no need for stress, they just exist in the world and i love when i cross paths with them.

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  9. Thinking … cookies must make a noise when we are stressed. I didn’t know that.

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  10. Exercise is also a great endorphin release…😇

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  11. Your mantra for the day, “Resist, resist, resist…” 😉 Breathe deeply.
    Fudge, tiramisu, and treacle tart. I just don’t dare have any of them in the house. They’re strictly reserved for meals out.

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  12. My kids don’t love me anymore… I don’t buy cookies…
    So then they do!

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