It’s been a long day

Some days are like this:

you can’t move.

Can’t be moved.

What growth there is, is imperceptible.

A slow efflorescence.

— Thomas Centolella, from “Setsubun”, in Terra Firma



  1. montanalulu says:


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  2. Yes it’s beautiful, subtle, gradual and cannot be seen; only felt 🙏🏻

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  3. I am often that way after a stressful day at work. Sometimes all I can do is sit and revel in the fact that I’ve lived another day.

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  4. Nudging the unmovable mover?

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  5. And how I feel I’ll be tomorrow after having driven 7 hours from Brooklyn to home tonight…

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  6. not all days are the same …that is me on a Monday one of the longest days that i always experience

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  7. That’s in a few words my week ….. and I am no longer in the working-process (and yet cannot tell just HOW full every day of my life is….)
    a most beautiful pairing

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