It’s been a long week

Three-month-old Klavan Munyisa lays in a hospital bed after surviving a bus crash in Rusape, Zimbabwe, near where a head-on collision between two buses killed 47 people. (Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi, AP, November 8, 2018)


  1. Thousand Oaks.. 12 dead? Closer to home Mr K. Gosh USA again? What the? Om mane padme hum, is a beautiful Buddhist expression I use when I have no words left for the pain or loss that arises again and again, it reminds me to always find compassion for all the stories behind it and after it. 🙏🏻

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  2. a survivor of the strongest kind

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  3. How can I ‘like’ a photo showing a tiny survivor of such a horrible crash? I go with dear Karen who has lost her son at a young age and knows a bit about loss, death and pain – one day it’s oak trees, another killing young, youngest and old people, the terrible disregard of every human notion is constantly and ever-repeatingly heart-breaking…. Really, it leaves me with a dry throat, tears I cannot suppress, prayers and a very hurting heart – and I cannot imagine the pain all these events of such hate and careless conduct cause.

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  4. Sorry about the oak trees; realised just after ‘sending’ that this was the name of the mass killing’s place in CA. I was thinking of the baobab trees and even wondered how I could have gotten the name so wrong…. Sincere apologies!

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    Long week … and life goes on everywhere!! … there’s HOPE!!
    ‘Three-month-old Klavan Munyisa lays in a hospital bed after surviving a bus crash in Rusape, Zimbabwe, near where a head-on collision between two buses killed 47 people’

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  6. There’s this prayer that my mom says when ever I’m going out of the house. Her voice saying it over and over as I walked out of the house Tuesday at dawn still rings in my ears. And now that 3 of the kids are away most of the time, I find myself saying it.

    This crazy world we will in. Good and evil walking side by side. Tragedy and hope, holding hands.

    Her prayer is, “until you’re back home, may God keep you out of evil’s sight!”

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  7. Sad about the accident, but glad for the baby!

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  8. Thank God, the baby is safe. The killing scene in Thousand Oaks is too close to home. A few of my friends live there, but are all right. It really is a lovely community. No where is safe anymore.

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  9. we thank God for his hand upon this beautiful child

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  10. Yes, those eyes. Such a horrible accident…

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  11. To see this beautiful baby so lovingly swaddled…and wonder if his family were killed… May Klavan’s life be blessed that he can bring goodness and joy to many. And, they know his name!

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