Am I as old as I am?
Maybe not. Time is a mystery
that can tip us upside down…
Who was I at age seven?

Sixty-eight years later I can still inhabit that boy’s
body without thinking of the time between.
It is the burden of life to be many ages
without seeing the end of time.

– Jim Harrison, from Seven in the Woods from Dead’s Man Float


  • Inspired by – “We go back … and back … and back … through the layers of fear, shame, rage, hurt, and negative incantations until we discover the exuberant, unencumbered, delightful, and lovable child that was, and still is, in us.” By Melody Beattie (via Bright, Shiny Objects)
  • Photo: Ivanovo detstvo (Ivan’s Childhood) • Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky 1962 (via Your Eyes Blaze Out)


  1. oh, this is so true. he is a lost treasure.

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  2. What a beautiful meandering through a person’s life!
    I’m there, have been, am, will be – some days not knowing the person in my bathroom, others seeing the kid I was. Great pairing with the carefree gif 🙂

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  3. A perfect capture of how I feel more and more these days. Cannot get my head around the fact of my current age, as I feel 25 years younger. But my baby brother turned 50 last week, so if he’s aging, must mean that I am, too. This thing called life is so strange sometimes….

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  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Indeed …. 68 years later I can still inhabit that girl’s body! This is me!
    The post reminds me so much of my father … who is in heaven!!

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  5. Loved this one. I have my annual 39th birthday party every fall.

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  6. Hey David, that’s the kind of running you should be doing…without the watch!

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  7. My grandmother used to bemoan the fact that the old lady in the mirror was so not how or who she felt she was inside. And she was in her late 80’s at the time….
    The occasional aches and pains remind us, though…

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  8. What an odd definition of “the burden of life.”

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