Saturday Morning


Still looking for bliss in nothing at all, the cloudy mind moving over existence, outside time.

Patricia HamplThe Art of the Wasted Day (Published April 17, 2018)


  • Post Inspired by Patricia Hampl: “Daydreaming doesn’t make things up. It sees things. Claims things, twirls them around, takes a good look. Possesses them. Embraces them. Makes something of them. Makes sense. Or music. How restful it is, how full of motion. My first paradox. I couldn’t care less what it’s called. It’s pure pleasure. Infinite delight…This is what is called the life of the mind. It’s what I want to do. It’s where I want to be. Right here.” (Patricia Hampl, The Art of the Wasted Day)
  • Photo by Mikael Aldo (via see more)
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  1. and there it is.

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  2. My weekend plans in a nutshell…

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  3. That doesn’t sound “wasted” to me.

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  4. can’t see ANY waste in this – my life, if I’m permitted…. 😉

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  5. You had a different photo on here originally and it made me instantly think of “I wandered lonely as a cloud….”

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    Cloudy mind over existence … we can get there!!

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  7. Christie says:

    The photo brings to mind, a head in the clouds and I wonder what it must be like for you, as you are often physically soaring through the clouds, in the air- o- dynamic, aluminum chariot …does your mind maunder, while thoughts form for your next pen…, are you drifting in and out of cat napping, are you scanning emails…,are you curious about a seat mate…, are you grateful for some time to rest your eyes…,are you thinking of a Texas Man Sized Steak dinner complete with Mint chocolate ice cream or a slice of cheese cake, are you contemplating a swim in the Hotel pool, is it a Monday and your thinking of how you wish it was Friday? ///and i think I didn’t use “your” incorrectly… 🙂

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    • Smiling. Christie, in short hand, not curious, hard time resting eyes, and mind never far from food. Like

      “Here’s Pavarotti copied from an interview somewhere: ‘One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.'”

      ~ Patricia Hampl, The Art of the Wasted Day (Penguin Publishing Group. April 17, 2018)

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