Nuit Blanche

Thank you Nan Heldenbrand Morrissette for sharing “Nuit Blanche” (Sleepless night) by the Tarkovsky Quartet.


  1. ….a wonderfully rich sound, evocative, pensive. Lovely, lovely.

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  2. peace

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  3. Wow…
    Thank you Nan, and David.
    This will be on repeat the rest of my day as mute the rest of the world.

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  4. so beautiful, Thank you dear David, I am right now listening and fascinated me. Love, nia

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  5. Thank you again… made my day to listen to this musician… have a nice day, Love, nia

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  6. Heard here for the first time. As a (bad but hopeful) cello player with a terrific (but impatient) piano player husband this brought tears to my eyes. I hope to hear this in my sleepless nights instead of the ‘rewinds’ of our concert of Latin-American songs of last Sunday… 🙂

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  7. That was exquisite, David. Definitely adding this to my playlist…. The imagery was gorgeous too.

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