It’s been a long day

I find my heart beating in a four-way tempo
and dig behind my ribs to figure out what’s wrong.
Just the same–
it’s forgotten how to do things the easy way.

~ Elisabeth Hewer, from “The Easy Way” in Wishing for Birds 




  1. go to your quiet place –

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  2. It’ll find its way. Don’t worry!

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    • When! When!

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    • There are many kinds of prayer. There is a kind of prayer that’s like breathing. There is a kind of prayer that’s like talking to your best friend all day long. There is a kind of prayer in the face of beauty that lifts your hands up because it would be harder to keep them down. There is a kind of prayer for meaning that is ­answered by the one who wrote the book of the whole world and your life, so that the prayer is like waking up and finding yourself a character in the most elaborate of novels, as you’ve always ­suspected: authored, written into a world of meaning, a world meaningful because it was created by someone. There is a kind of prayer that is only a listening, the soft voice of God saying your name, saying “come to me, come to me.”

      ~ Kristin Dombek, from “Letter from Williamsburg” (Paris Review, Issue no. 205, Summer 2013)

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  3. How serendipitous to read this right here, right now. It is exactly how I feel…
    Hoping a long soak in my run brings me back.

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  4. Perhaps why I’m awake…my heart feeling swollen (figuratively) supersedes all.

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  5. Some days I completely forget the easy way! 🙄

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  6. Blimey, this is me, so very often….. And I find it’s often easier when I’m up and wide (well maybe just …..) awake and really takes too much place in my body during the sleepless nights.

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  7. Life is striking that way – I love those ‘aha!’ moments when I realize I’ve taken a side journey out of the flow. Doesn’t happen often, but still.

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