Fleetwood Mac and “Dreams” – A thing of beauty is a joy forever

It has been 40 years (40 years!) since the release of Fleetwood Mac’s masterpiece 1977 album, “Rumours.”  This is a deconstruction of the hit song “Dreams” from the album.  I think it is safe to say that 40 years from now, we’ll still be listening to Fleetwood Mac.  And as John Keats wrote, “a thing of beauty is a joy forever.”


  1. Yup…it endures…

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  2. Just like Tchaikovsky, Renoir, and the Beatles, classics are forever.

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  3. They’ll always be among my favourites.

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  4. love!

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  5. Fantastic timeless album. I love it too.

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  6. OMG, you’re going to kick me off your blog. I have always loved this song, but, always thought it was by The Corrs, the Irish band.

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  7. Yikes. 40 years. Saw them live in the late 70’s…magic !

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  8. …loved Fleetwood Mac…especially 40 years ago during romantic falling asleep to it (don’t kick me off your blog–trying to be discreet…) I think Stevie Nicks is still in my bones from that song–never knew the material about making the record you just included from Youtube, …and could always tell it was her heartfelt song about Lindsey Buckingham…She really sang from her heart and soul! Thanks, David!

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  9. god, i loved this and still do –

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  10. I loved the Tusk album, David! ♡
    Diana xo

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