Sunday Morning

If you move
soft enough through the wind or woods,
they say the sun will make a space for you.
Some of your regrets might soften. I move
terribly. I crush twigs and spiders but the horses
say nothing of it; they let me pet their long manes.
I hop on and we walk out to the end of wanting.
What is God? I ask them.
They tell me, Yes.

~ Bret Elizabeth Jenkins, from “Horses Explain Things to Me

Notes: Poem via Memory’s Landscape. Photo by Alison Porwol


  1. “We walk out to the end of wanting”…perfect.

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  2. WMS….

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  3. Oh, Yes.

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  4. walking in places of wisdom with wise souls.

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  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Amazingly beautiful!!

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  6. What a magical term, David – the end of wanting!

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  7. Beautiful David. You know how I’m loving horses these days. They do teach us so very much! Thanks for the sweet Sunday post to warm my heart.

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  8. Beautiful. Both the words and the photo.

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  9. Very moving. The answer is always yes. Horses know. 💛

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  10. The horses are abiding, and so is the woods. I have left my pain along with daydreams and plans for the future in the quiet arms of the woods. The woods are abiding, too.

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  11. oh my… this brought tears. Before I read the post the image drew me out. Thank you! And now I will share. Peace.

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  12. “We walk out to the end of wanting.” Gotta love that.

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