Fitbit Epilogue: Old Man 1. Millennials…Shut out.

Backstory: Flying Over I-40 N. With Fitbit Step Challenge.


  1. Olga Kanigan says:

    You are one mean competitor old man.

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  2. Ummmmm….. I’d try to use some practical logic, but, ummmmm… it ain’t gonna work; is it David? So, have fun woppin’ those millennials.
    Hope you’re wearing some real comfy shoes… 🙂

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  3. Ha! Don’t let on your still recovering 🙄😬

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  4. You’re crazy….just saying

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  5. Nope, no impulse control issues here.

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  6. ❤ don't mess with the savage

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  7. Worth it ???

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  8. Speechless!

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  9. The madman wins the day. I feel rather let down by those Millennials, I don’t mind telling you. Now the thing is set to continue and will no doubt escalate. Kannigan runs three marathons in three days or something. Lord help us!

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  10. I don’t understand much about these things. I don’t even have a cellphone. But after reading what you have to go through with these gadgets …. All I can say is be careful. These things can kill you! 🙂

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  11. If history repeats itself, and it surely has, Kanigan is unstoppable…and I expect no less! Way to Dave! 🤣👍

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  12. “As to winning the last challenge with Rachel, I only recall and write about the ones I win. 🙂” Advantage, DK…Three, cheers!!! for the Victor!!! in the group, competition /// You use you down time in the airport’s controlled environment to move on, ahead…

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  13. freddiegeorgia says:

    You wearing tighty whities by chance?

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  14. This got to your head you haven’t posted in 48 hours 😦

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  15. Yes. A savage and a warrior. During my week in Italy we would’ve been neck to neck, but then I only had 2.5 work days that week. So, whatever way I look at it, you win 🙂

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  16. Peggy Farrell says:

    Way to go, Dave!

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