Sunday Morning (108 sec)


  1. What a perfect way to begin the day – thank you, pal

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  2. ahhhhhh –

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  3. Beautiful, thanks for posting.

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  4. The real deal. Exhaling….

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  5. I’ve been trying to plan few days with the family up north, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, before all the colors are gone. My work schedule keeps messing it up. I love our chicago beaches. But lake Geneva has its special beauty. This reminded me of it

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    • Lake Geneva is someplace special. And yes, there is strong resemblance here.

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    • Hi Sawsan; Well, well…. As a Swiss woman I always thought I had lived at the shores of Lake Geneva (called Lac Léman which is much closer to the truth as we, the real Swiss, don’t consider Geneva as a Swiss city, there’s not much Swissness to be found – tongue in cheek….)
      I was always greatly confused reading about things happening in American places with either European and often English names. Guess that many history lessons would be hidde behind those ‘new old’ names! Greetings from France

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      • Hi Kiki, the Lake Geneva in Wisconsin has nothing Swiss or European about it. I too often wonder how it got the name. I’m sure something interesting is behind it. It’s purely American magic.

        I was only 10 when we spent a month over summer in Switzerland, mostly between Laussane and Vevey, unforgettable. Greetings from the windy city.


  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Really amazing beauty … soothing and very much needed!! Ahhhh …..

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  7. Aaah heaven!
    We spend our Sundays driving to church – today we were due at one 120km from our home and it was a murky start. Then the mist lifted, to be followed by a mizzle (mist & drizzle), to be followed by a few sunrays ‘eating’ it up just for a few minutes…. Magic and a perfect preparation for the service 🙂
    So is this! Peaceful, beautiful, bliss….

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  8. GORGEOUS!!! Serenity now…thank you David!! That was simply magical!

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  9. Somehow missed this yesterday, but started my week off with it instead…lovely!

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  10. So peaceful and calming.

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