I imagine what it must be like to…stay still in the night

There are no birds or anything, or none that I can see. I imagine what it must be like to stay hidden, disappear in the dusky nothing and stay still in the night. It’s not sadness, though it may sound like it. I’m thinking about people and trees and how I wish I could be silent more, be more tree than anything else, less clumsy and loud, less crow, more cool white pine, and how it’s hard not to always want something else, not just to let the savage grass grow.

~ Ada Limón, “Mowing,” from Bright Dead Things: Poems

Photo: (via Hidden Sanctuary)


  1. Perhaps the reason why we don’t sleep well…the craving for that silence…

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  2. Just to be happy and content with what is. A practice for sure. 🙏🏻

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  4. gratitude for what is.

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  5. Christie says:

    The writer in her observations, shows care, is empathetic, employs wonder and has a desire to engage in a silent relationship with her surroundings, treading lightly as her eyes filter as she recognizes that she is so full of passion for life that she can’t contain this desire totally to be silent…she quietly puts words to ink as the landscape of her soul is exposed…awaking…/// I think that Ada Limon has an interesting way of writing and in her self reflection she moves toward gaining wisdom through her attempts to be more silent…

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  6. I understand what the poet is saying, but letting “the savage grass grow” evokes a much more desirable silent state for me than trees. It speaks to me of allowing our true selves to come forth and flourish.

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  7. I like what Sandy Sue said 🙂

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