with each breath I’ll meet you there

There was a beautiful forest close…a place I would go to periodically for a hike. I tended to go there when it felt like the world was crashing down around me, when I felt overwhelmed. The woods were my escape, my get-away place of sanity. Walking under the shade of tall trees and listening to the sound of running water from rivers and waterfalls, I always had the same thought: I feel so whole when I am here. Why don’t I do this more often?

I know what makes me feel more. Why isn’t this an everyday practice for me?

In these days, it seems like we are living on the brink. Pomp and bluster seem to rule the day. There is conflict here, at home and around the world. Our very home, this tiny third rock from the sun, is in real danger.

One of the truths we know is that we live in an enchanted universe. The up-there and down-here mingle, the earthly and the heavenly mirror each other. We have no choice but to continue to redeem the world, to save the world from our own selves. We are, ironically, the cause of the breaking and just might be the channel of healing. To make the world whole, we ourselves have to become healed, become whole. Our well-being and the world being well are linked together.

To tend to our own inner lives is not selfishness; it is wisdom, it is essential, and it is unavoidable. […]

We are so attentive to our devices, making sure they are charged. Do we show the same care and concern for our hearts? Do we wait until we are running on fumes? How lovely and wise to make sure that the recharging is not through being a “weekend warrior” or even once-every-few-years vacations (both are lovely), but rather a matter of daily practice. […]

Let us, you and I, friends, find what sustains our soul. Let us find what nurtures our heart, who nurtures our heart, where our heart is nurtured.

Let us go there
And make a habit of it.

If we may paraphrase the great Rumi:

Out beyond the realms of this faith
and that faith

     of no-faith
There is a field of goodness and beauty

where hearts our nourished

     With each breath
I’ll meet you there

~ Omid Safi, excerpts from Tending Our Inner Life to Make the World Whole (onbeing.org, May 18, 2017)


  • Inspired by: “The more powerful and original a mind, the more it will incline towards the religion of solitude.” — Aldous Huxley, Proper Studies. (1927)
  • Photo: Newthom


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  2. This.is.it. Full stop.

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  3. Hallelujah to this truth! I meet Rumi there everyday. ☀️🍀☀️

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  4. If only each of us on this earth could go there…and stay.

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  5. I would like to permanently live in that field.

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  6. Christie says:

    Yes, Essential: We Must engage in Self Care, Not “devices” as Omid Safi mentions. and, I say devices are tools not a substitute for face to face time with others) nor can we put ourselves in possible danger by Dependency on Self Medication, – utter destruction “Let us, you and I, friends, find what sustains our soul. Let us find what nurtures our heart, who nurtures our heart, where our heart is nurtured. Let us go there daily” Yes! ~ We need to nurture ourselves and our children and extend a spirit of Love out in the world at large…we all arrive in this world, graced with this miraculous gift of life, we have the potential capacity to live a full life, it is up to us, individually to make choices, learn from those choices and contribute to the brotherhood of man…Each breath is a gift.

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  7. I have been away from reading for a while, but what delight to come back to such wonderful reaffirmation of Mother Earth and her children! Sometimes just going outside at break or lunch at work is enough to inhale the possibility of magic! Thank you for making me smile.

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  8. I love this paraphrase! Thank you.

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  9. Christie says:

    I’ve just returned from lounging on the garden bed, it is a bit to warm for me, thankfully a nice breeze, so welcomed and a shade canopy which can be retracted (so I can watch clouds, look at the forested hills and in the evening watch the stars), kitten cat joined me for a while, I read most of a magazine as I sucked on a hard piece of citrus candy… I listened to and watched the leaves on the Aspen tree, quake…enjoyed the soft purple clematis climbing the cornor pole of the bed frame and the pansy & fuchsia on the bed shelf… I needed that rest as I am not feeling well…sometimes I take a radio outside with me though today I just wanted the total pleasure of nature’s nurture…and I am grateful for experience…Now for time for lunch.

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    • Wow, you should be grateful for all that!


      • Christie says:

        🙂 I am, I am…

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      • Christie says:

        Since being grateful is being discussed My neighbor & his delightful family moved in last fall, they are both teachers., he is teaching High School…he likes that I say I am grateful…about two weeks ago he told me that he used my example for a week long course work on gratefulness! It was nice of him to share that info with me./// it is too hot about 90! I don’t do well with hot weather, we have the fans running…about our tenth day since early last October that has been over 65. ha just over heard my daughter asking he dad when are you putting in the air conditioners?

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  11. truth.

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  12. “We are so attentive to our devices, making sure they are charged. Do we show the same care and concern for our hearts?” This hit me like a velvet hammer. So much packed into these few paragraphs, pal….

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  13. most excellent David. we run on fumes for years, then wonder why we break.
    ahh… I’ll go sit out in the garden now, thank you.

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  14. roseanne333 says:

    Oh my Goddess, how I love this…….

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  1. […] via with each breath I’ll meet you there — Live & Learn […]

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