Saturday Morning

it is…quiet…morning
warm sunlight and cool,
crisp air streams through my open window.
my room is heavy with the smell
of flowers, vines, grass, and growth.
the only sounds are of…
a gentle wind chime,
and my own steady, deep breathing.

~ L. J. Buchanan, from Conceptual solitude

Photo: Heinz-Dieter with morning breeze


  1. Lovely and very calming. Well penned. ☺

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  2. Made me breathe more deeply and sigh with calm. Then I realized today’s Friday, and I thought, ‘ah, DK, you’re such a tease’

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  3. I could have sworn it’s Friday!
    Yeah, it was Thursday when I went to bed.

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  4. And why should this holiday Friday not feel like a Saturday? This was lovely and just what I needed….

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  5. the naming of days is all arbitrary -)

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  6. must confess, efficient for ease.


  7. Wait until you retire…every day is Saturday !

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  8. Passi Rassa says:

    Not yet! It’s Friday 😀

    Sent from my iPhone


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  9. I know *someone* who’s already in ‘holiday mode.’ TGIF, pal—love this post. Evoked a happy, relaxing sigh….

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  10. May you have a multiple Saturday weekend David 💛

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