Saturday Morning

In theory, for example, sleep is a negative thing, a mere cessation of life. But nothing will persuade me that sleep is not really quite positive, some mysterious pleasure which is too perfect to be remembered. It must be some drawing on our divine energies, some forgotten refreshment at the ancient fountains of life. If this is not so, why do we cling to sleep when we have already had enough of it; why does waking up always seem like descending from heaven upon earth? I believe that sleep is a sacrament; or, what is the same thing, a food.

— G.K. Chesterton, Lunacy and Letters

Quote: WhiskeyRiver. Art via Mennyfox55


  1. Kevin Byrnes says:

    I am waiting to sleep, caring for a dog with a tweaked ACL. I look forward to a synchronized sleep….fingers crossed. happy weekend

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  2. Especially sacred for those of us who don’t engage in it that much..

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  3. It’s a whole other world. Mysterious and beautiful. And the most delicious is the in between.

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  4. yes, a food for both body and soul.

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  5. I try. I fail, too often.

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  6. Leave it to the fat guy for something profound……(You can always count on GKC)

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  7. It so is…as I suffer from lack of it thanks to the tanker truck snoring going on beside me…

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  8. As time goes on, more and more I wake up and think “Oh crap”.

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  9. And naps are very civilized.

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  10. I love my sleep. And dreams – oh, have you ever had dreams where you can fly? Or jump down a great distance, knowing you can simply light upon the ground? That kind of thing can be so energizing. Miracle! All of it! :DDD

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