The same applies when I’m reading for pleasure, too, because reading books as if something were burning, or you were in a contest with someone, doesn’t make sense. That would be like swigging a glass of expensive and fine wine, instead of tasting it and rejoicing in it. For me, reading has all kinds of culinary and sensual connotations, and I feel sad when I see people who read like gluttons, guzzler readers who are vainglorious about their numbers, and quickly forget their feelings, if they get any at all.

~ José Luis Amores, from An Interview with José Luis Amores – The Evan Dara Affinity



  1. Yes! Nothing bums me out more than ending a great book. I’ll read little snippets of it toward the end, just to draw it out. Then I look for anything and everything else that author has written. Or wait for the audiobook and listen to it while bike riding or driving. All kudos to a good storyteller!

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  2. oh, yes. they are to be savored –

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  3. He is right. There is a certain respect I have developed over time, from beautiful books.

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  4. These are the great moments in our life… I am crazy with such a great books/writers… I forget everything… Thank you dear Dave, have a nice day, Love, nia

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  5. No not wrong! Just different 😀

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  6. Wrong. Wrong!


  7. Delightful.

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