and if you have mittens, you will be in fine

“Snowmageddon, heading for the Northeast.  You guys who live in the Upper Midwest or the Rocky Mountain Region laugh, laugh at a foot of snow. You laugh at it. You mock it. Because that can happen in May! But tomorrow here in New York City and up and down the East Coast, there could be more than a foot of snow. The Panic is on. People are buying entire cows to make sure they have enough meat. 18 flashlights. Canned soup that will last for 80 years. You get the idea. Weather forecasters hysterical, many of them breaking down. Already many schools are closed. People have been seen weeping. Here’s the tip of the day. Overreaction is never a good thing. If it snows tomorrow, build a snowman, have some fun. It has nothing to do with Global Warming. And if you have mittens, you will be fine.”

~ Bill O’Reilly, Tip of the Day (March 13, 2017)


  1. Winnie the Pooh would refer to this simply as “a little Spring Zephyr”. Sleep in, have some hot chocolate and read a good book.

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  2. Hot coffee and blasting George Winston December CD in the car, a snow cleaning ritual 🙂

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  3. i love george w, too – bill r, not so much. my daughter was in nyc yesterday for a funeral and worked all night to get a flight home. i’m quite happy that she made it at last and i’m sure is sleeping all day, dreaming of the snow )

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  4. Dear David

    You are right – there should not be any panic. I remember when I was young I used to be a farmer in Norway and it was April already at that time. In one night it snowed a bit more than 60 cm (24 inches) and next morning all doors could not be opened – I had to go through the window and make a path to the cow barn. But I know in bigger towns when there is only a bit snow – panic starts…

    All the best

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  5. My husband is in Boston bunkering down ha! Missing meetings and flights home is not so fun. Probably isn’t making a snowman today Mr K !! ☃☃☃⛄️

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  6. It’s beautiful. But only if you have no place you have to be. That would be me, today.

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  7. Can we all just calm down? Geez! Weather in the media has become such a commercial event. Use common sense, don’t drive unless it’s an emergent situation (hopefully those are few) and make the best of the day. ☃️☃️

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  8. I, for one, am totally stoked. Pantry is stocked, generator is fueled, snow blower is fueled, and popcorn, hot cocoa and wine (I’m moving through the day, you see) are at the ready. Bring it on, Bombogenesis, bring it on…. 🙂

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  9. Reblogged this on Carrie's Bench and commented:
    it has NOTHING to do with Global Warming… (thank you, David!)

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  10. Crazy weather!

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  11. Anonymous says:

    Not sure if this is supposed to be sarcastic, but from reading the author’s name, I don’t think so. I very much disagree with Mr. O’Reilly! Global warming is not to be taken lightly. It is time to panic and do something about this crisis affecting all of us.

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