Monday Morning: Brush Your Teeth

A gum massage.
A teeth cleaning.
Then breakfast: A fruit salad.
Watch his eyes during the massage and brushing…


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  2. Awww, hippo! One of my favorite animals. But he may want to try those Crest white strips?

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  3. Like

  4. Massive Teeth Mr Hippo and one very brave brusher ha! 😬😬

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  5. Hippo is in heaven….

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  6. Happy Hippo makes my day too!

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  7. Awww… Gorgeous, David… It’s a Hippo’s life for me!
    I nearly nodded off too.. 🙂

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  8. This guy (or gal) takes a Pepsodent smile to new heights (and widths!)

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  9. Brushed blessings. ❤ Cher xo

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  10. What a docile, gentle giant. After watching this video, my daughter informed me that hippos are considered one of the world’s most deadly animals. And guess who takes 1st and 2nd place? Mosquitos are #1 and humans are second. Hippos are 11th. Isn’t that sobering?

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  11. As a mom of a 4 year old, I have to admit the video saddens me a little bit – look at how well trained the hippo is, opens the mouth big and wide and lastly, accepts fruit salad as a bribe for brushing! Really?! 😀
    Jokes apart, thanks for the good share!

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  12. Sweet and happy happy hippo!


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  13. Thanks Dave!

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