Sunday Morning


Birds are
God’s handwriting.

~ Jorge Carrera Andrade, “Alphabet,” in Micrograms




  1. Beautiful picture! Your up early Mr K! 🌅

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  2. christinesat says:

    It’s feathers look gorgeous and individual like a fingerprint. Great picture. Have a nice Sunday, David. :o)

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  3. Isn’t the symmetry of the pattern amazing? Gorgeous pal….

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  4. Never thought of it that way – but what a perfect description of their flights..

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  5. Very interesting perspective.

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  6. And they write messages loud and clear.
    Love this…

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  7. beautiful –

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  8. Amazing photo and wonderful words.
    When my son was 6 years old, he asked me, “Why don’t the birds bump into God when they’re up, up, up in the sky?”

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  9. Wow! What an image! ❤
    Diana xo

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  10. …they are the messenger as well.

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  11. Love this!

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  12. Excellent shot. Perfect timing.

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